Posted by: pyeager | January 19, 2011

Top 10 Snow-Related Excuses

By Paul Yeager, author of Weather Whys: Facts, Myths, and Oddities

It’s odd that roads are often too slippery to come in to work, but they’re never too slippery to go home early!

Let’s be honest: Some of us like to use snow as an excuse to not do something, so if that’s your M.O., then I’m here to help.

Top 10 Snow-Related Excuses

  1. My car is allergic to salt.
  2. The sun hitting the melting snow (on the wet roadway) is producing too much glare for my sensitive eyes.
  3. The dog ate my ice-scraper.
  4. I heard a guy in the line at the grocery store talking to someone on the phone whose cousin’s brother said a big storm is coming tomorrow. That’s good enough for me! I’ll be “working” from home until further notice.
  5. My boots won’t pass inspection and are in the shoe-repair shop.
  6. You never know when La Nina will strike, or is it El Nino? Either way, better safe than sorry. 
  7. Snow is a four-letter word!
  8. Meteorologists are always wrong, so I know that this “sunny” forecast has to be wrong.
  9. My car fishtails on salt and ash.
  10. Global warming makes everything worse.


  1. I’ll hang onto this list for next winter, which will be our first in the Lehigh Valley.

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