Posted by: pyeager | October 13, 2009

Winter-Like Weather Pattern

Talking about major storms along the West Coast and the East Coast during the same week is typically something talked about during the winter, not October, but not this year. In fact, it’s beginning to look a lot like winter–everywhere I go.

Significant California Storm Through Wednesday

The satellite photograph from early on Tuesday (courtesy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) shows the storm moving into Northern California.

West Coast satellite image on October 13, 2009

West Coast satellite image on October 13, 2009

The storm has some of the moisture from a typhoon (Typhoon Melor)  that hit Japan last week and has warranted the issuance of flash flood watches for parts of Northern and Central California. That’s the dramatic nature of California weather, going from drought to potential flooding in one storm.

Two Nor-Easters This Week?

I know. I know. When you hear the term Nor’Easter, you automatically think of a snowstorm, but that’s not the case. A Nor’Easter is technically any storm that develops along the Atlantic coast that strengthens as it moves northward, not one that bring snow.

There will be two such storms along the coast this week–one from later Wednesday through Thursday and a second over the weekend. Speaking of snow…of the two storms, it appears as if the second is the one that has the potential to bring an early-season snowfall to some areas, such as from the mountains of Pennsylvania northeastward into parts of New England.

Check out your local forecasts for specific forecast information.


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