Posted by: pyeager | October 14, 2009

Siberia Snow–Northeast U.S. Cold

We talked a while ago about the belief of Dr. Judah Cohen that more snow than normal in Siberia in October means colder-than-normal weather in the Northeast for the winter (Cold in the Northeast This Winter–Look to Siberia), so it’s time to look at the growing snow cover in Siberia.

Here’s the latest map showing snow cover in Europe, including Siberia:

North America snow cover as of October 14, 2009, courtesy of the National Ice Center

North America snow cover as of October 14, 2009, courtesy of the National Ice Center

If you’re geographically challenged, Siberia is where white is shown on the map above. (If you look closely at the southern part of Alaska, you might be able to see Sarah Palin looking northward toward Siberia.)

The snow cover is expanding in this region, as can be seen by this 31-day animation of North America snowfall. (Note: This loop is continually updated, so it will show the last 31 days from when you view it, not from when I posted the link in October.)


Unfortunately, since the map does not indicate the depth of snow cover or the amount of snow relative to normal, it’s not possible for me to explicitly say that this is more snow than normal and that we need to watch for colder-than-normal weather in the upcoming winter in the Northeast. It’s interesting nonetheless, and I’ll keep looking for links that show snow depth, not just snow cover, and normal snowfall. I’ll let you know when I find it.

–Paul Yeager


  1. I was just stopping over here to see if you had looked at Siberian snowfall lately. I had been looking at it on-and-off during the last couple weeks a noticed it was starting to increase in recent days.

    Like you, I’ve been unable to find any solid information about depth and climatology. I did find this site:

    Here you can go back to 1997 and look at the archived image of Northern Hemisphere snow cover, similar to what you have posted above. Since you had the October 13 map posted, I looked at October 13 in previous years (quite, quickly I might add). Just going by my two eyes, it appears this year’s Siberian snow cover extent is less than that of recent years. That said, the North American extent appears above previous October 13ths.

    As you know, the snow cover will fluctuate greatly over the next month or so, especially in North America, as systems pass through and temperatures warm and cool in waves. Still, I had been looking at this recently and wanted to see what you may have found (apparently, you read my mind). If you find any additional information, let me know. I’ll do the same, of course.

    • Thanks so much, Steve–for the information and the link.

      I’ve been thinking about updating this post recently, but I hadn’t had the time to do much research. Honestly, I thought that it would be easier to find–and I thought that the maps would be of better quality.

      It’s interesting that we thought of it on the same day. That’s how weather geeks work, I guess–always looking for snow. Speaking of snow, I see that you wrote about Joe Bastardi’s forecast today–I plan on writing about that this week as well. It’s not much different than the forecast he issued in July.

  2. I’ve posted a few times about EURASIA/s October snowcover…sCast…and Dr. Cohen.

    • Thanks–I’ll take a look.

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