Posted by: pyeager | September 21, 2009

Harsh 2010 Winter Is Forecast

by Paul Yeager, author of Weather Whys: Facts, Myths, and Oddities

The Farmer’s Almanac, not to be confused with the Old Farmer’s Almanc (although the confusion is probably intentional by whichever is the least popular of the two), has issued its version of the Winter 2010 forecast.

Similar to the AccuWeather winter forecast, which I discussed a while back (Snowy, Cold Winter on the Way?), the Farmer’s Almanac forecasts a harsh winter for parts of the country (Frigid 2010 forecast: How Cold Will the Winter Be?).

Winter 2010 Forecast from the Farmer's Alamanc

Winter 2010 Forecast from the Farmer

The harshest weather is forecast to occur from the Northern Rockies (where it will be snowy and cold) through the Great Lakes (where it will be bitterly cold and dry) to the Northeast (where it will be cold and snowy).

In other words, there will be a lot of winter for a lot of people if this forecast is correct.

The mildest weather is forecast to be in the Southwest and Southeast, while the southern Plains will be chilly with more precipitation than normal. (It says “wetter,” but if it’s chillier than normal, some of it would likely be snow or ice.)

Comparison with AccuWeather
For comparison purposes, here is the AccuWeather 2009-2010 forecast map:

AccuWeather 2009-2010 winter forecast
AccuWeather 2009-2010 winter forecast

The AccuWeather forecast (click on image to go to their site for a larger image and details) forecast, the harshest weather (compared to normal) will occur in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, where it will be cold and snowy, but the cold weather is forecast to extend southward into the southern Plains.

AccuWeather highlights the Midwest as an area with less snow and cold than last year (as opposed to the bitter cold that the Farmers Almanac is forecasting), and AccuWeather is also forecasting less precipitation and milder weather for the northern Rockies.

It’ll be interesting to see how the forecasts verify.

NOTE: The Farmer’s almanac forecast is technically from January and beyond, while the AccuWeather forecast is for the entire winter season.

–Paul Yeager


  1. in the south central states will it have snow this year

    • I don’t do site-specific forecasts for blog readers, but since all indications are that there will be some version of a southern storm track and the availability of cold air, I would expect there to be some opportunity for snow fairly far to the south.

  2. I would say this coming winter season will see many rounds of good oppurtunitys for snow in the south. Even as far south as Corpus Christi!!

  3. I don’t see how FA and AccuWeather’s forecasts look the same.

    • It’s similar only in that they’re both forecasting harsh weather for parts of the country; I didn’t say that the forecast information was the same.

  4. that was quite an accurated forecast, pyeager. Good eye.

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