Posted by: pyeager | February 10, 2012

European Death Toll Over 500 in Cold Outbreak

I know the news here is very US-centric, but it seems as if the incredible cold outbreak in Europe is not getting nearly enough coverage considering the scope of the on-going disaster.

As of today (Feb 10), the death toll in Europe has exceeded 500, and with the bitter cold pattern continuing, it’s only going to become more of an international disaster.

Hungary’s Danube River has been closed to traffic, bringing shipping on one of Europe’s busiest waterways to a nearly complete standstill. It’s considered the greatest amount of ice since 1985.

According to the another article, Italian authorities have reported 17 deaths caused by exposure, temperatures have hit -40 degrees F (or C since -40 is the same in both) in Finland, and the death toll is up to 131 in the Ukraine alone. In the Ukraine,  1,800 others have been hospitalized, and snow has isolated 70,000 people in Siberian villages.

Snow has even fallen in Libya.

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