Posted by: pyeager | December 13, 2011

NOAA Warning Voice Sings “Deck the Halls”

By Paul Yeager, author of Weather Whys: Facts, Myths, and Oddities

If you’ve followed the blog for the last couple of years, you probably noticed that I think we get a little too Christmas obsessed in this country, but who doesn’t love a Christmas classic song? Here’s one from a familiar voice to all of us: “Deck the Halls” by the fake voice that does the NOAA forecasts and warnings.

Since we’re in the Christmas song theme, here are some “Creepy Christmas Carols for a Less Cheerful Holiday.”

One repeating theme of Christmas songs is that they sound sad and depressing. I mean, do they still play that song about the kid buying a pair of shoes for his mother because she’s going to “meet Jesus” on Christmas eve? I mean, seriously, pass me the rum–I need another shot.

It’s not only the songs, but it’s the way they’re performed. Any time anyone tries to sing a Christmas carol, they try to do so dramatically and with extra emotion–and the result is a whiny, sad song. If it’s such a happy time, then why is everyone so freaking sad?


  1. Intresting comments about Christmas carols! I happen to like the songs myself. My only complaint is they don’t sing enough of some of the lesser known carols. All I mostly hear wherever I go are the songs like “Silent Night’ (Christmas is pretty noisy these days anyway) “Joy to the world” (yeah, right) and so forth. These ones I hear too often. How often do you hear “Rise up shepherds and follow” or “I wonder as I wander’ or some other lesser played tune. Anyway, the weather is changing- looks like we won’t get a record dry December. If this month were to end today, we would- but the calendar says it’s 31 days, not 25.

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