Posted by: pyeager | November 20, 2011

Year’s Worth of Weather in 5 Minutes; Global Temperatures

By Paul Yeager, author of Weather Whys: Facts, Myths, and Oddities

Remember, just because I don’t post information here, it doesn’t mean that I’m not writing about the weather. Check out my posts at the Huffington Post, which should show up in the RSS feeds on this page as well.

Recently, I highlighted the difference between NOAA and NASA/Remote Sensing Systems global temperatures for October (18th Warmest October or 15th Coolest?).

I also highlighted an interesting video that shows time-lapse video that shows the weather for the past year for the past year in San Francisco. The video shows mini-videos for every day of the year at the same time, giving a truly unique perspective on the weather.

I’ll post the video below, but for more analysis, see the Huffington Post Blog (360 Days of Sun, Clouds, and Rain).

I’d love to see a video like that for a region where the weather is a little more active, and the sky is a little more changeable.


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