Posted by: pyeager | April 3, 2011

Comments on AOL News Stories

Comments on blogs and news stories are not exactly known for their decorum and grace, which is why I occasionally enjoy reading the comments to my stories on

Global Warming All the Time

Not one weather article isn’t instantly turned into a debate about global warming, which I find especially entertaining when the article isn’t related to global warming in the least…and the words “global” or “warming” do not appear in the article.

Here’s a fairly typical recent comment on an article about dangerous thunderstorms.

THIS is top news? I still haven’t seen anything about the union thugs in Wisconsin threating lives and businesses. Oh, that would mean huffy puffy would have to write something negative about their spineless base. So instead, we get more global warming tripe.

And here’s another, which might, in the commenters defense, be related to another person’s comments, not the article (rarely are the comments actually related to the article) itself.

If we have little rain even drought, its global warming, if we have severe thunderstorms and some flooding , its global warming. If we have harsh winters ,its global warming, if we have a mild winter, its global warming. No wonder Al Gore can afford a Million dollar mansion on the ocean, he’s laughing all the way to the bank.A lib making millions off of other libs, only in America.

Some are short and to off the point:

Now remember, this is all the result of Glow Bull Warming!

Satan Did It

Most of the articles I write are, of course, related to dramatic or dangerous weather; sunny and warm isn’t exactly a news story. One of the favorite things commenters like to do is associate dangerous weather with the end of the world or the devil.

At least I wasn’t accused of being Hitler, like I was in an earlier article.

SO RUDE~~~ however NEED to know~~are these type of storms due to this????

Talk About Changing the Subject!

Most people commenting on news articles have their own agendas for discussion and often use very poor segues to change the subject.

This is a good example, which was made in response to an article about Fargo having the toughest weather in the country:

The city with the most hot air being blown around is Washington DC, starting at the White House.

All Else Fails: Get Personal

You know what they say: If you can’t think of something nice to say, take a shot a the writer:

Sorry Paultard Yeahger, but the BELOW normal temperatures will DECREASE the intensity of these projected storms.

(For the record, I didn’t say that below normal temps would increase the intensity of the storms, unless 90 degrees in Kansas is below normal!)

AOL News image

AOL News image

Anyone else getting tired of pictures like that? Everyone is doing that chin on hand thing.

I’m sorry–ever hear of a double chin?


  1. I know this may not be the right place, but since Yahoo! seems to have removed any facility for reader comment son their news stories aand other features -maybe some one here at AOL can tell me why? i know many people have at least one email address, and many with several, including AOL and Yahoo and so on.
    Yaho boast they are the ‘most visited’ on the web -what for? Just to accept their views on feature stories?
    Today, Tuesday, the are featurng a story on DTS (deep thrombosis syndrom) from long haul flights, and that the elderly should not travel in window seats!
    I have just recently returned from a 12,000 mile round trip to New Zealnd in a window seat and I am well! I should add that I am male, and 76.

    • I’m happy to post your comment, but you’re right–this probably isn’t the right place, or at least the most effective one. It won’t be seen by many.

      This is my personal blog, not an AOL News blog. This article was written about comments I received when I wrote for AOL News a while back, but AOL News was disbanded and what was left of it was moved to the HuffingtonPost. AOL News was good about posting comments, and I think the HuffingtonPost is as well. Not being associated with the other sites, I can’t comment on them.

      A 12,000-mile trip is impressive! Glad you landed safely,


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