Posted by: pyeager | March 16, 2011

Japan’s Cool Weather Might Linger

A number of news stories have made mention of Japan’s cool weather as it relates to a recent storm system that has brought snow to the earthquake- and tsunami-ravaged northern parts of the country.

Unfortunately, for the same reasons that cooler, more unsettled weather is likely to continue across the northern U.S., La Nina, the same might occur in Japan–thanks to La Nina. The northern storm track tends to stay more active in a spring with a La Nina, and that’s the case in eastern Asia and Japan as much as it is across the northern U.S.

I wrote about this in a recent AOL News article (Japan’s Cooler, Wetter Weather Could Linger Through Spring), and I think it’s still valid.

Note: I’ve been asked by a couple of sources to comment on where the radiation from the disabled nuclear plants might go. That’s certainly a fair question to ask a meteorologist based on wind alone; however, there are too many uncertainties for me to responsibly comment.

  • How much radiation is being leaked?
  • How high into the atmosphere has it been shot?
  •  How quickly do the particles fall from the sky (in the absence of precipitation, which would bring them to the ground quickly)?

It certainly doesn’t seem as if there has been enough radiation released high enough into the atmosphere to be a serious and direct threat to the U.S., but who really knows at this point?

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