Posted by: pyeager | March 10, 2011

Global Warming Causes Snow and Cold?

By Paul Yeager, author of Weather Whys: Facts, Myths, and Oddities

Any time that it snows or is cold, those who don’t believe in global warming point to the snow or cold as proof that global warming isn’t occurring. Meanwhile, those who do often point to that same snow and cold as proof that climate change is occurring.

Simplified statements like those don’t add much to the discussion, but scientific research might. NOAA recently issued a story that explains, in part, how Arctic warmth could be related to continental cold. See my AOL News article for more information.  

I’m not saying that their theory is right, and even the scientists looking at the theory say that it’s in its infancy…so don’t use this as some excuse to bash me as part of the liberal elite.

Use my policy on taxes for that.

Warning: Off-topic political rant coming. Those sensitive to political opinions should turn away from their computers now!

I mean, seriously, we start two, expensive high-tech wars at the same time that we reduce taxes for the richest Americans, resulting in an exploding deficit unlike any we’ve ever seen. Then, we think the only solution to the debt is to cut social programs, attack unions, and cut spending on education.

Cut, cut, cut, cut.

We completely dismiss the idea of ending the wars or putting taxes back at the same levels they were when the economy was healthy.

And most Americans line up behind these flawed policies because the talking heads on the tv tell them ridiculous things about how raising taxes will make the deficit worse. Or, they go along with it because the political party that they selected for other reasons, such as agreeing with its anti-abortion or anti-gay marriage position, says is a good idea.

How ’bout thinking for yourself?

If you had debt problems, then you have three choices: cut your spending, raise your income, or both (cut spending and raise income). You might get a second job or look for a job that pays more, but you’d start with cutting the most costly things first. 

It’s the same for the country. Do both. Cut military spending and put taxes back at the same levels they were when the economy was solid.


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