Posted by: pyeager | February 18, 2011

Global Warming Is Not Caused by Man…Because Joe Reed Said So

A Montana legislator wants to pass a law declaring that global warming is “a natural occurrence and human activity has not accelerated it.”

Joe Reed, a Republican, added that global warming is “beneficial to the welfare and the business climate of Montana.”

Oh, well then sure, the proposed law makes sense now. At first, I thought it was a ridiculous notion, but global warming is completely natural–because it’s good for business. Besides, Joe says so.

I can think of one downside to the proposed bill, Joe. It’s going to hurt your standing with potential voters who are sane.

What about volcanoes that could temporarily cool the climate? I think we should nix those in Big Sky Country, too. Let’s call it “Joe Versus the Volcano, the Law.” Make sure to include a line that ensures all volcanic ash shall avoid the state and that any volcanic violators will be subject to fine and imprisonment!

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Oh, jeez, I just thought of something. What if some business-hating Democrat comes along and proposes a bill that would make global warming illegal in Montana altogether. That would kill beach development plans in Kalispell.



  1. I like that you can dictate science by making a new law…in Montana. Now we can save all that cash that might have gone into research. I think I’ll have my legislator propose a law that says cancer is illegal in Pennsylvania.

    • Good plan! (and hi Jane!!)

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