Posted by: pyeager | December 17, 2010


We all know by now that the snowstorm last weekend caused the collapse of the Metrodome’s roof (the multi-use indoor stadium in Minneapolis), but this isn’t the first time the stadium has had weather-related problems.

The roof has partially collapsed from snow at least two other times and a thunderstorm damaged the roof once. In addition, the crew was accused of manipulating the air flow for the Minnesota Twins’ advantage in the past.

While it’s currently popular to mock the ingeniously engineered stadium (sarcasm–I mean, seriously, an air-supported roof in a snowy climate?), I’ve been doing it for years.

 The potential indoor weather manipulation resulted in the Metrodome making it into my book (Weather Whys: Facts, Myths, and Oddities), and the horrible indoor conditions for baseball resulted in an earlier post here (The House the Bobby Mitchell Built).

Maybe it should have been called the Metrodumb instead.

As a solution to always fixing the roof, can’t they just take the roof off and play outdoors–you know, the way the games were meant to be played?

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