Posted by: pyeager | April 21, 2010

Earth Day, Not Global Warming Day

By Paul Yeager, author of Weather Whys: Facts, Myths, and Oddities

Just a quick reminder: Today is Earth Day, not Global Warming Day. There’s a difference.

It seems to me that Earth Day has become increasingly focused on topics related to global warming, and while that certainly deserves to be part of the discussion, the Earth Day should not simply be a day to talk about global warming.

It’s a disservice to the spirit of the day.

All Global Warming, All the Time

Looking at everything related to ecology, environmentalism, recycling, renewable energy, clean energy, and so on through the eyes of global warming ensures that topics will get lost in a political debate and divide that cannot be put aside for even one day.

Maybe it shouldn’t be that way–I don’t know. But it is.

Invite Everyone

Many people who don’t believe strongly that man is influencing the climate might understand the need to respect the environment, recycle, and develop renewable energy and want to join discussions; however,  they won”t feel welcome if the goal of the day is to solely make points about global warming.

It’s counterproductive.


  1. Paul,

    May the God or Gods you worship bless you! And if you believe in no God then may the fickle finger of fate and Mother Gaia nudge you kindly down the road of good fortune.

    I applaud you! Finally someone gets it. I have, my whole rational life, believed in conservancy, recycling, renewable energy and many other environmentally friendly issues. I believe in being a good tenant of planet earth and there are millions more like me. But, the environmental movement rejected those like myself over AGW. The media and politicians branded us as idiots and demons when we chose not to sign up and march for the IPCC political movement and money grab.

    I would love to come back but the movement has made it clear that it does not want me. They need to adopt your attitude Paul. How about we start over? Start with honest debate about worldwide populations, limited resources and wasteful utilization (including the Al Gore Kind). But when we do the IPCC needs to accept responsibility and allow for honest debate over the IPCC data from the University of East Anglia including the missing numbers and this less than genuine proclamation about CO2 and global surface temperatures.

    In the process true objectivity on the part of the media would help. Let’s clear the air (pardon the PUN), expose the boogeyman and then we can all focus on being responsible wards of the world in which we live. We can do this without politicians pitting us against each other, grabbing BILLIONS of taxpayer/consumer dollars and destroying the private sector in the process.

    Keep up the good work Paul. We all need to pull together, with open and honest objectives.

    Sincerely, Bill Powers

  2. man is using cloud seeding weather modification on a mass scale all over the planet ,spraying aluminum and barium particles in the sky.this is why it is always hazy in some places like sacramento ca.i watch the planes spray daily,it is almost june here and instead of being hot and sweaty we are cold and modification inc( many planes and modifys other planes for weather modification. the us air force is involved on a massive scale. man is poisioning the earth but the co2 increase is due to population increase so more plants will grow to produce more food for the increasing peoplke to feed.the co2 levels 100 million years ago were 5 to 10 times higher. increased co2 means increased plant growth(ask any gardener) levels up to 2500 ppm are used to grow plants fast and big,the normal levels are around 350 ppm .nasa is creating aluminum particle clouds(look on theyre website)to dim the planet,the evergreen 747 supertanker( the worlds largest aerial spray plane and can be used for weather modification.also the 2008 bejing olympics used hundreds of planes and thousands of rockets to control the weather.operation popeye used air force ci30 planes to spray laos and extend the monsoon season successfully during the viet nam war operation storm fury involved controlling hurricanes.these people have the nerve to mess with our weather patterns then scream global warming.democrats and republicans are all corrupt sell outs to the american people

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