Posted by: pyeager | January 2, 2010

Biggest Weather Stories of 2009 and Decade

I’m not too big on the whole top ten lists of the year, decade, and century (as was evidenced on my post last year–Top 10 List of 2008), but I know that many of you might be…and I’m here to serve. Besides, it’s an easy early January post!

Top Weather Events has provided a couple of lists of the biggest weather stories of the decade, including this video (A decade of tumultuous weather). One of their bloggers, Stu Ostro (a former co-worker of mine–back in the 1980s!), wrote a blog on the Top U.S weather stories of the decade.

Stu also wrote a post highlighting the Weather images of 2009. The blog also includes link for similar blogs for the past several years.

I enjoyed this more since it didn’t attempt to rank the storms in order of importance. I don’t think this is fair since many of the highlighted storms affected people severely, and rating them somehow seems to minimize the suffering of those in the lower ranked (or unranked) events. Besides, it’s such a subjective process that it has no true relevance.

–Paul Yeager

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