Posted by: pyeager | December 25, 2009

White Christmas for Many

Since I’ve talked about a White Christmas on a few occasions recently (The Romanticized White Christmas, White Christmas in the South?, and Conditions Ripe for a White Christmas on, I thought it was only appropriate to show where there was, in fact, a White Christmas this year.

Snow Cover on Christmas Day

One of the things I discussed in the above posts was the possibility of a more widespread white Christmas than normal, and snow on Christmas day was found fairly deep into the South and all the way to the Eastern Seaboard–areas that don’t always have a white Christmas.

The snow in the southern Plains was the result of a massive, widespread blizzard on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, and the snow along the Eastern Seaboard was left from last weekend’s record-breaking snowstorm, one that did not meet blizzard criteria for most even though it was generically labeled a blizzard. (Note: Heavy snow doesn’t automatically mean that a blizzard has occurred!)

Christmas 2009 snow cover

Snow Depth on Christmas Day

Snow depth, of course, is different from snow cover, and many locations in the East that had snow on the ground on Christmas had a shrinking snow cover. Mild air and rain decreased the snow as the day progressed. The snow in the Plains was a fresh as could be, and much of it was blowing horizontally.

Snow depth on Christmas 2009

–Paul Yeager

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