Posted by: pyeager | November 30, 2009

White Christmas in the South?

Snow for Christmas (White Christmas) is the most romanticized weather event there is, and the combination of weather factors in December might result in a White Christmas in 2009 for areas that normally don’t receive snow.

Cold Air and Storms in December?

As you know, I don’t focus on specific forecast details (even for Christmas Day) in this blog, but the possibility of widespread cold and an active storm track could result in widespread snow this December.

The coupled forecast system has consistently forecast colder-than-normal weather for much of the country, including the Deep South.

monthly temperature forecasts from the coupled forecast system

In addition, the presence of a strengthening El Nino means that the southern branch of the jet stream should be more active than normal.

An active southern storm track with an abundance of cold air farther to the south…perhaps more residents in this area will have a White Christmas?

–Paul Yeager


  1. Thanks for writeing this post! I can’t belive that it’s really almost Christmas, where does the time fly?

  2. Love the song. It snowed here last night, and I hope it hangs on. The last one we had was in ’68 and it was slush.

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