Posted by: pyeager | October 15, 2009

Winter Forecast, Weather Humor, Mammoth Snow

We have a rare three-part blog today–kind of like a blog bogt (buy one–get two free).

More on Winter Forecast has released it’s official winter forecast, which I’ll discuss in more detail tomorrow. It’s similar to the initial forecast issued in July (Snowy, Cold Winter on the Way?). Blog friend Steve at wrote about the forecast yesterday (Joe Bastardi Reaffirms Winter Outlook) if you want to see a preview.

Weather Humor

Most comedians have some sort of a gimmick that emphasizes the difference between two things–the differences between a man and a woman or the differences between living in the city and the country. Say it with me, “You know you’re a redneck if…”

Something like that could be done for the differences in weather between the West and East–and I’m just the person for the job.

Question: What does a person in the East call three months with a little less rain than normal? Answer: A drought.

What does a person in the West call three months with no rain? Answer: The beginning of summer.

Ok, the routine needs some work.

Mammoth Snow

The difference between the weather in the West and East certainly relates to the ski season.

When people in the East think of skiing for the holidays, they think of skiing for Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day. In a good season, they also get to ski on Thanksgiving and St. Patrick’s Day.

When people in the West think of skiing for the holidays, they think of skiing on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Memorial Day. In a good season, they also get to ski on Halloween and the Fourth of July. (Seriously, slopes have been open on the Fourth!)

This has the making of a good season for California resorts since the early-season snow this week has allowed Mammoth Mountain to have its second earliest opening on record–tomorrow. This week’s storm brought two feet of snow at the base and 6 to 7 feet at the top of the mountain.

Ski season has most certainly begun.

–Paul Yeager


  1. NOAA has now released it’s official winter outlook. It looks strikingly similar to Bastardi’s prediction. I discussed it at the link below, but would like to hear your thoughts…

    • Thanks, Steve. I’ll definitely post something on this.

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