Posted by: pyeager | June 1, 2009

Where Did You Get That Watermelon?

Now that summer has unofficially begun (Unofficial Beginning of Summer), I thought I’d briefly talk about one of our national summer traditions, the watermelon.

When I was a young, budding meteorologist in the ’60s and ’70s, watermelon was a popular food for the summer holidays; however, that was generally reserved for the Fourth of July and Labor Day. That’s because watermelons are not exactly in season in May in Pennsylvania–our growing season starts about 5 days before Memorial Day.

The summer holidays are largely national holidays, full of national pride; I’d hate to think that we had to import one of our most important symbols of the summer holiday from another land. Rest assured, though, an Internet search shows that many of our spring watermelons come from Florida.

By the way, I’d like to have a word with the scientist who claims to have created the “seedless watermelon.” He or she still has some work to do. Instead of having about 10,000 black seeds, every “seedless” watermelon I’ve ever seen has had about 5,000 partially formed white seeds. They’re just as annoying, and you can’t spit them as far.

–Paul Yeager

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