Posted by: pyeager | May 17, 2009

Global Warming Skeptic–and Proud of It

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–any time someone mentions any skepticism related to global warming, he’s perceived as a political conservative with an agenda (Global Warming Nonsense). That’s unfortunate because we should all be skeptical of global warming.

Before everyone jumps to conclusions about what I mean, let me define a few common terms as they related to the global warming debate.

Global Warming Skeptic

A global warming skeptic is someone who challenges the validity of all information related to global warming, with the goal of having accurate information upon which to gauge his opinions.

Global Warming Supporter

A global warming supporter or advocate is someone who believes that global warming is occurring (not someone who wants it to happen as the name might suggest) and that man is at least partially responsible. As such, he will often will use any evidence to make the case that global warming is occurring.

Any every extreme weather event is “proof” of global warming (heat waves, tornadoes, and even blizzards). The result is often conflicting information, such as studies that prove global warming was the cause of a more intense Atlantic hurricane season in 2005 and the reason for a below-average hurricane season in 2006.

Global Warming Denier

A global warming denier is the opposite, and this person will always take a stance that any and all types of weather are result of natural factors. Man is too insignificant to influence the atmosphere.

Any scientific evidence that supports global warming is fraudulent in some way, perhaps being done by a scientist with an agenda. Any colder-than-weather average weather is proof that global warming is not occurring.

Global Warming Skeptic–and Proud of It

The question of global warming and how we might react to it is one of the most pressing question mankind will fact in the next couple of generations; therefore, we need accurate information in order to make the best decision. That can only happen through healthy skepticism.

–Paul Yeager



  1. I agree with you that every responsible scientist should be a skeptic about every proposed hypothesis. That’s the way science works.

    I’m not sure that I accept your definitions of “global warming supporter” and “global warming denier”, however.

    My own experience has been that there is a vast range of acceptance of AGW, from those who believe that anthropogenic carbon dioxide is the sole cause of apocalyptic global warming to those who refuse to accept any kind of anthropogenic climate change whatsoever.

    My own view is that anthropogenic carbon dioxide does contribute to atmospheric warming (that’s Atmospheric Physics 101), but it is not the only significant factor in climate change–or even necessarily the most important one.

    I feel that the role of water vapor in the Earth’s heat budget has been deliberately downplayed by the various IPCC reports.

    Are you interested in a dialogue on these matters?

    • I am by no means a climate expert–I’ve been an operational meteorologist during my career. I cannot adequately discuss details of climate with someone with the level of expertise that you have (based on your blog).

      My observations in this post were related to the way in which I see people react to global warming.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion related to your disagreement with my categories in such a respectful manner.

  2. me claps/

  3. an awareness must be brought about hoe to cool earth and the concerned authorities must take an appropriate step

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