Posted by: pyeager | May 14, 2009

Victoria Day Weather

Victoria Day, which will be celebrated on Monday (May 18), is the unofficial beginning of the summer season in Canada. In that sense, it’s the equivalent of our Memorial Day, which is a week later.

Memorial Day in this country often has unpleasant weather for a so-called summer holiday. Many a picnic in the northern part of the United States has been canceled by 55 degrees and rain. I’m no weather expert, so it’s hard to imagine how summer-like Victoria Day will be in Canada.

Wait a minute. I am a weather expert, so here are forecasts for a few Canadian cities for Monday as “summer” begins in Canada.


Mostly cloudy with a shower. High 60.

Turn on the air conditioner; it’s going to be a scorcher.


Becoming cloudy. High 45.

Please pass the sunscreen.


Partly sunny, windy. High 69.

Save a spot for me in the pool.


Mostly sunny. High 59.

Who wants watermelon?


Partly sunny. High 70.

Everyone go to Winnipeg!! Woo hoo!!


Partly sunny, breezy. High 62.

Know any relatives in Winnipeg?

Happy Victoria Day!

–Paul Yeager

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