Posted by: pyeager | April 17, 2009

Not Too Late For Snow

While this isn’t a weather forecast blog, I will occasionally make references to interesting current weather events. Even though we’re now more than halfway through April, it’s not too late for major snow storms, especially in the Rocky Mountain region.

Here is a National Weather Service graphic with forecast snow amounts for the current storm, including an a large area where two to three feet of snow is expected (Happy Spring):

National Weather Service Forecast Snow Amounts

National Weather Service Forecast Snow Amounts

If April showers bring May flowers, what do April snow storms bring?

Snow in the Rockies in spring is not abnormal (Spring is Here–Time for Snow), and Denver, being the best-known city in the Rockies, has had its share of April snow (even though snow amounts are typically not as extreme in Denver as they are in the higher mountains to the West).

April has had more than two feet of snow in Denver on many occasions, including:

  • 33.8 inches in 1933 (nearly three feet!)
  • 32 inches in 11885, 28.2 inches in 1945
  • 25.5 inches in 1957, and 24.3 inches in 1973.

Major snow storms sometimes even occur in May. I like snow more than the average person, but that’s ridiculous!

–Paul Yeager


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